Home Loan

We offer a great assistance to provide you your desirable home loan. we have tie ups for all banks so that we can provide the home loan from the bank you want . you have to contact us to apply for the loan than our executive come to you and make all documents ready for you so that it is very fast process which we follow.1Whether it is a Home loan for purchase of new house, flat, duplex or an existing one or it is for purchase of a plot of land and construction thereof, miracle finance & investment provides you all the assistance you require without the need of running here andthere and tapping the liaison of unorganized brokers about whose quality of service and integrity one is not aware of. We also help you in obtaining loan for renovation and extension of existing structures and a second housing loan.We act as reliable home loan consultants and housing loan facilitators for all of your housing related financial matters across India. On Property front, following loan facilities exist for eligible borrowers —

* Housing loan for purchase of a new or existing property.

* Loan for renovation of the house or for additional construction.

* Loan against Property

* Loan against rent receivables

* Reverse Mortgage Loan

* Takeover of existing Home Loan to another Bank